2 comments on “What I Want, What I Really Really Want

  1. Hi Dave,
    nice blog post title and two good examples you picked.

    Well, “I want” more decision makers across industry to understand that CDISC’s so called controlled terminologies are not providing result values (such as for your WPAI example). Many managers don’t believe me when I say that beside Sex, Race, and a few others, CDISC do not standardise result values for different types of measurements.

    And, “I hope” we in the future will have a normalised way to format data, linked to it’s semantics, not dependent on in which container you place the data (such as in your example if you should place Tanner Scale in QS or in SC).

    And what I “really really want” — see my recent blog post 🙂 Semantic models for CDISC based standard and metadata management http://kerfors.blogspot.se/2012/05/semantic-models-for-cdisc-based.html

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