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  1. Jozef Aerts

    I also found these and other ones, but I stopped reporting them, as it doesn’t seem to help anyway. For example I found codelists where some of the coded values are “all uppercase” and others “mixed case”. This seems to be very illogical to me.
    I think I am “persona non grata” anyway since I proposed to discontinue the development of CT for LBTESTCD and UNIT (and use LOINC and UCUM instead).
    We really do need controlled terminology but it need to be governed well, and we need to avoid reinventing the wheel when good coding systems already exist. With the decision to publish new CT faster I am afraid that we will see even more differences between versions.
    On the long term this could even lead to dangerous situations when comparing studies. Or could it be (I sincerely hope not) that “CDISC controlled terminology may seriously harm you health”?

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