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  1. Hi Dave,
    I really liked your presentation at the European Interchange meeting and despite I’m not familiar for now with the RDF / Research Concept representation I can see this is very powerful. Can I ask which editor do you use ? I would think that this is feasible to represent links between CDASH and SDTM for example and let the MDR knows that those links should be based automatically. I can see a lot of automation can be done with that concept, am I right ? Does that include standards governance or this has to be defined more at the MDR level ? (trace changes to standards). Thanks again for this interesting topic.

    1. Melanie

      Thank you for the comments. Answering your points

      1. First thing to note is that we don’t need the semantic web for Research Concepts. the ideas can be implemented in many technologies. The semantic web may be the best way but we can use spreadsheets, java even SAS! 🙂 It is the ideas that are important.
      2. For semantic work I use the Topbraid tools, see http://www.topquadrant.com/products/
      3. We can automate a lot by basing both CDASH and SDTM on the research concepts and sharing definitions across the standards.
      4. Standards governance is more of a MDR & process function. One thing I felt might be worth writing about is impact analysis. The MDR can tells us what is impacted when something changes, so if a CDISC term changed the MDR can tell which Research Concepts are impacted, which forms and domains use those Concepts to allow us to judge the impact of any change

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