Terminology History

As a result of the terminology viewer I had a request from my favourite terminologist for a terminology history page. So here it is.

Terminology History

As with the terminology difference tool it uses the last few versions of the terminology since Q4 2013 (not the complete history but if people want it I can always go back a little further).

User Instructions

  • Double click on a row in the left-hand grid to select the code list. This should filter the two other grids to the entries for the code list selected
  • Double click on a row in the lower right grid to filter to the code list item to see the changes just to that item. To clear the filter clear the selection in the column header. Double clicking another code list on the left-hand grid will also clear the selection

Rows are colour coded using a simple traffic light scheme.

  • Green – No change from previous version
  • Orange – Amended from previous version. Old version in the previous row.


28th September 2015:

  • Added Q3 2015 release to the history (25th September 2015 release by CDISC).

16th September 2015:

  • Added Q2 2015 release to the history (26th June 2015 release by CDISC).

7th April 2015:

  • Added Q1 2015 release to the history (27th March 2015 release by CDISC).
  • Fixed bug preventing new code list items being displayed.

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