Terminology Difference

Click on the links below to access a view of the differences between the latest CDISC terminology releases.

Q3 circle Q3 to Q2 difference
Q2 circle  Q2 to Q1 difference
2015 Q1 circle  Q1 to Q4 difference
Q4 circle  Q4 to Q3B difference
dots Q3B to Q3A difference
Q3 circle  Q3A to Q2 difference
Q2 circle Q2 to Q1 difference
2014 Q1 circle Q1 to Q4 difference
Q4 circle















User Instructions

The code lists accessed via these links are presented within a grid with a layout that matches that seen in the Excel versions of the terminology. Rows are colour coded using a simple traffic light scheme.

  • Green – No change from previous version
  • Orange – Some amendments from previous version (“Old” ==> “New” convention)
  • Red – Either a deletion or an addition

The column on the far right contains an indication of the change (No Change, Update, New, Deleted) and is useful as a main filter. Many of the other columns can be filtered either individually or in combination, just type in the filter box in the column header.

Double clicking a row will filter the list to that code list. Clear the filter by clearing the text in the filter box in the column header.

Actual dates of the terminology releases are displayed on the difference pages. The header will load quite quickly while the data will take a little longer (10 to 20 seconds, the data are quite large).


28th September 2015

  • Added Q3 2015 to Q2 2015 difference (25th September 2015 release by CDISC)

16th September 2015:

  • Added Q2 2015 to Q1 2015 difference (26th June 2015 release by CDISC)

7th April 2015:

  • Added Q1 2015 to Q4 2014 difference (27th March 2015 release by CDISC)
  • Improved screen sizing.
  • Fixed bug whereby items for new code lists were not being displayed.

24th March 2015:

  • Loading performance improved.

6th March 2015:

  • Added double click on a row. This automatically filters the grid to the code list in that row.
  • Sizing of the grid is now set to fit browser window size.

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